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Dental SEO Improvement – How To?

If you have a dental office website, you probably know that dental search engine optimization or Dental SEO is important as it helps to generate traffic to your dental website. If you’ve been struggling with dental search engine optimization, there’s several things that you can do to improve your results so that you get more out of SEO and more of the web traffic that you need to be successful.

Here’s a seven ways for Dental SEO Improvement for your dental clinic website.

1. Keyword Research

The first thing that you need to do, for dental seo improvement, is to ensure that you have proper keyword research completed. You may find that the dental keywords you currently have aren’t working so by looking at your keyword selection you may be able to pick better keywords for your site and get more traffic from those keywords when someone types them into a search engine.

2. Update Your Website to Current Standards

dental-seo-improvement-websiteIf you have an older website, this may be hampered by the current standards in website design and code. An older website may not be picked up as well by the search engines. You should ensure that all the code on your website is up to standards so it can take advantage of all the new technology.

For example, if you don’t have social media integration on your dental website or dental blog, you really need to add this to your dental website as it can be very helpful. People who know, that is your website, may share your content with others as this will help spread the information your dental website has.

3. Link Building

Linking to relevant and trusted sources is important for your dental site. Search engines such as Google will pick up on this and raise your rank if your linking it to trusted sources because they consider the sources to be high quality. If your linking to poor or relevant websites, your search ranking may be suffering. Have a look at your links and start building links to high quality websites so the relevancy of your website will go up. A recommendation would be to link to your local or federal dental association such as the American Dental Association.

4. Use a Sitemap

Another way to improve your dental search engine optimization is to build a sitemap of your site. This sitemap will help the search engines discover all the pages of your dental website. You can even include keyword descriptions of each of the pages.

5. Use Quality Service Providers

You don’t want your dental website to be hosted with a poor service provider as many of these cheap service providers will host poor quality websites. The search engines don’t like and they may ignore your dental website even if you have great content. It’s much better to use a high-quality service provider where the search engines are more likely to crawl your website properly.

6. Use Tracking and Site Analytics

dental-seo-improvement-analyticsTo make sense for your dental website traffic and where your search engine optimization rank or where it is not working, you need to use website analytics. This will help you understand where your dental traffic is coming from and what dental keywords are being typed into the search engines. You can then change aspects of your dental website to improve your search engine results once you’ve gathered enough information from your website analytics results.

7. Create Better Content

If you don’t update your website often, you need to start adding more pages to your dental website. Not only do you need more pages/posts, but you need this to be high quality content.

Search engines value high quality content and will rank your site higher if you’re adding this content to the website on an ongoing basis.

Make sure the content is the best it can be so you’re adding value to the Internet and more importantly to your web site visitors.  It may be beneficial to create a content plan for your dental website and to assist in your dental SEO improvement.

Dental SEO Improvement – Conclusion

These are some of the rules to use, that you can improve your dental search engine optimization. Just remember that SEO is an ongoing process and you’re going to have to change things around somewhat to see what works for you. Make sure your dental website or dental blog is the best it can be because this is going to make it easier for you to get the traffic that you desire.

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