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Dental Website SEO

How to Improve your Dental Website SEO

With so much content in today’s digital marketplace, knowing how to use Google’s search results to your advantage could make or break your dental office’s website. Keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices in mind when you’re making and marketing your dental website can:

  • Improve its visibility to your potential patients/clients
  • increase the professionalism of your dental brand
  • allow you to beat out your local dental competition

As a business focused on local clientele, a dentist’s office has even more reason to get ahead of the competition, since your potential clients have a limited number of business options. They will likely decide on whose services to use in a single search. Here are 5 tips to use for Dental Website SEO and make that search count.

Dental Website SEO – Get their Attention

dental-website-seo-attentionWhen your potential clients search for you, you want to stand out in the results. A brief but pointed description of your services for each page of your website will grab their attention. Stay strictly within Google’s character limit (160-200 for descriptions), since the result of going over is an ellipsis (…) that makes your description less informative and more confusing to your potential clients.

Dental Website SEO – Use Keywords

dental-website-seo-keywordsBring the titles of your pages to their point as quickly as possible. Include the keywords that people will likely search for in your descriptions. Don’t forget to also include the name of the local area you’re serving. Since many customers will search for you by typing something like, “dentist office near me,” you want to tell Google that you apply to that search.

Dental Website SEO – Authority Links

dental-website-seo-authority-linksIncluding links on your dental website improves its SEO profile by connecting you to Google’s network of authorities in your business. By linking to a reputable health site for a description or a service instead of a random blog, you are telling Google that you provide professional services and information. This will tell it to prioritize your site in its results.

Dental Website SEO – Manage your Listings

dental-website-seo-manage-listingMaking sure that your business is properly listed in common job directories is another way to use SEO to your advantage. You want to ensure that your site’s information is up to date on Google My Business and common review sites so that people know where to find you and that Google perceives you as a legitimate place of business.

Dental Website SEO – Social Media

dental-website-seo-social-mediaManaging your social media counts (or hiring a freelancer to do it for you) is another advantage your dental website can get from SEO. Connecting to other local businesses creates a network of professionalism that puts you ahead in the results and at the front of people’s minds when they need your services.


Using SEO properly requires an understanding of how Google creates its search results and what people are looking for when they potentially seek out your services. By using these tips, you can improve the profile of your site, increase the perceived professionalism of your business in your local area, and convince Google that you’re an authority in your field well-worth including in their top results.

Some Search Engine Optimization Resources

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  • Bing Webmaster Tools – Understand what leads people to your site, what people are searching for and focus on increasing traffic to your site with our reports and tools and get personalised messages and alerts for your sites.
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