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Maximize your SEO Investment

How to Maximize Your SEO Investment

When you’re a dental business owner, you understand the need to have a dental website, and you probably have one already. Then you hear that you need search engine optimization, or SEO. Only, you don’t know the first thing about SEO and you’ll need someone to take care of that for you.

This costs money and, naturally, you’ll want to know what you get for it. What’s the return on investment (ROI)? And how can you maximize it? Understanding how to maximize your SEO investment.

Understanding the Key Steps to Maximize your SEO Investment

maximize-your-seo-investmentIn order to maximize your SEO investment, you first need to understand how SEO works and what it can do for you.

The main idea behind SEO is to grow traffic to your page by making your page rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP). That’s not easy to achieve. Research indicates that most people don’t go past the first page, and getting there won’t be easy.

Yet, traffic is not the most important. Conversion is. Simply put, the conversion rate measures how many people buy a product from your website or book an appointment with your office. That’s the most important part for you after all.

When you sit down with an SEO agency, you need to set out some clear goals, trying to use metrics that you can measure. That’s one of the tricky things about SEO investments.

In most cases, it can be pretty difficult to measure how much traffic was generated by revamping your page and how many people clicked on your page because they saw the name somewhere else or someone mentioned your name to them.

How to Maximize Your SEO Investment

You need to find good professionals, and money should not be your first criteria here. Especially if you don’t know much about SEO yourself.

Beware of Scammers

For instance, you might run into total scammers promising you a ton of clicks on your page or backlinks to your website to boost your Google rankings.

Such services are usually cheap as all it involves is some guy in a third-world country spamming a button. Or link farming, usually also located in some faraway country where they specialize in spamming the Internet with random links to your page, which only annoy other users and don’t bring any traffic to your page.

You won’t spend much, but your ROI will be zero.

How Professionals Do It

maximize-your-seo-investment-targetWhen you talk to real SEO experts, they’ll present a plan to overhaul your page and make it SEO compliant. Here are some of the things they will mention or should mention if they’re good at what they do.


They’ll help you research and pick the best keywords to increase traffic to your page and stand out from competitors.


These days having a website with a couple of nice photos and a brief description of what you do is not enough. Google algorithms measure how much time a user spends on your page on average. To keep them engaged, you need high-quality content.

When Content Marketing you need long-form posts, containing just the right amount of keywords. The main thing is that your posts should be informative. When a user visits your page, they want to know what kind of services you provide or a description of the products you’re selling.

To keep visitors interested, you also need posts that are related to their interests. If you sell teeth whitening services, the person visiting your page is interested in teeth whitening more than dental services in general. Being specific is important. Many SEO agencies also help with content creation.

Authoritative Backlinks

This is the opposite of the spammy farm links mentioned above. To increase the ranking of your page, you need to earn authoritative backlinks. That means having really high-ranking pages put a link to your page. This way you establish domain authority.

Building backlinks calls for great content that gets shared. A proactive approach to link building also helps—contacting sites and offering content in return for links can make a difference.

Technical Stuff

Good SEO professionals will have a look at your site and tell you what needs to be done to improve your rankings from a technical point of view. Algorithms also take into account such factors as page load speed or architecture. If your page fails to load quickly, it will be demoted.

Maximize your SEO Investment – Summary

These are just a few things you need to keep in mind when picking an SEO agency to work on your website. And a final word of caution—don’t expect miracles. SEO isn’t an exact science and it doesn’t work overnight. It’s a process rather than a quick marketing fix.

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