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Strong E-A-T

Strong E-A-T: How to Create Better Dental Content

E-A-T is a set of quality guidelines that Google uses to determine the value of web content and its ranking. E-A-T is about the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of your content.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the possible factors used for an E-A-T evaluation of your content. Paying attention to these factors enables you to build strong E-A-T guidelines into your content strategy. It can take your SEO game to a new level.

References to the Author or Publisher

strong-e-a-t-dental-contentGoogle uses both PageRank and backlinks for E-A-T evaluations. PageRank is an algorithm that measures the importance of a web page by counting the number and quality of links to a page. It’s one of Google’s main methods of ranking web pages in the search results.

It’s not just the number of incoming links that matters but their quality. Google gives more weight to seed websites or high authority websites.

The closer, more direct, and more thematically relevant incoming links from these pages are in relation to your content, the higher your website authority. In other words, you don’t want to be hunting for any links, but for the really valuable ones.

Takeaway: Focus on building direct authoritative backlinks.

Author Credibility

Google uses several factors to establish the credibility of the author of a piece of content. Apart from how well-known the author is, these factors can include the amount of time they have been creating content on the topic, user ratings of their content, the time since their last publication, and more.

According to the patent above, an author can have multiple reputation scores for different topics, with the scores being independent of the publisher. The number of links and duplicate content may influence their reputation.

Takeaway: Work whenever possible with well-known, expert content creators who have a great reputation.

Sentiment Surrounding the Author or Publisher

Google uses Natural Language Processing to analyze the sentiment around entities in a piece of content. In simple terms, an author that generates positive statement has more credibility. Sentiment here also covers things about which sentiment can be expressed, such as products, restaurants, or hotels.

Takeaway: Content and authors that generate happy, excited, or enthusiastic responses contribute to strong E-A-T. If your audience is neutral or negative about your content, it will likely hurt your SEO ranking.

Author and Team Transparency and Credibility

create-e-a-t-friendly-content-guidelinesAuthor profiles and About/Team pages that show the people behind the content and website and highlight their expertise are crucial for Strong E-A-T. These help increase the credibility of your web content.
For author bios and team pages to be credible, they should be traceable to other reputable websites, such as the author’s LinkedIn profile or Dental Association profile.

Takeaway: Show that there is a real author and organization behind your content. Cues like a physical address for your dental office, author photos, dental credentials, and affiliation disclaimers are all important.

Click-Through Rates on an Author’s Content

The amount of clicks an author generates through their content is another likely E-A-T ranking factor. It can be interpreted as a sign that people engage with the content rather than passively consume it.

Takeaway: Authors with high click-through rates on their content may get more weight in the search results, other ranking factors being equal.

Strong E-A-T : The Wrap Up

Google uses many possible factors to evaluate the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of web content. As we’ve seen, assigning authors to each piece of content on your site and creating author bios isn’t enough to comply with E-A-T.

For strong E-A-T, take into account all the factors above including using HTTPS on your webpage and focusing on improving the overall quality of the total content on your website and social media pages. Above all, seek the best content creators—those with true expertise.

Content from creators with a great reputation who’ve been covering the topic for a long time and who generate positive sentiments in their audience is the most likely to rank highly.

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