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What is Content Marketing for Dentists

What is Content Marketing?

When you run a dental business it’s simply not enough to have a blog or website. You can’t hope to get any traffic if you’re not actively marketing the content on your site. So, what exactly is content marketing? Here is what you need to know and how you can go about it.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of getting views on your blog posts or your website pages. You want to provide information for people that need dental work. It can be a confusing and scary process for many individuals to have dental work done.

One of the best ways you can grow your business is to provide potential clients with concrete information about dental procedures so they can make informed decisions if they need any sort of dental work.

Social Media

content-marketing-for-dentists-social-mediaIf you are a dentist you should have some sort of social media presence. This is how you could do a little bit of content marketing. For example, you can provide links to your blog articles on different dental procedures.

This can help people that need this is sort of work to understand the procedure and how it’s going to be done. People that use social media tend to read and then share an article which helps spread the message about your dental business.


content-marketing-for-dentists-newsletterAnother way to do some content marketing is to use newsletters. You can provide updates about your products and services to your customers or for anyone else that just wants information about dental procedures in their local area.

Be sure to include links to helpful articles on your blog or website that your potential customers can read so they understand your procedures more fully.

Guest Posting

content-marketing-for-dentists-guess-postGuest posting is another way that you can do some content marketing. For example, you can find blogs or websites that are related to your industry and ask if you can do a little bit of guest posting.

Since you are already a medical professional many of the blogs will probably say yes. You can provide helpful information about dentistry to these blogs and in turn they can provide a link and a little bit of information about your dental services to potential readers.

This can also improve the search engine ranking of your dental office. It’s important that you do guest posting on blogs that already have a decent search engine rank as you don’t want to have a guest post on a poor site because the search engines frown upon this which ends up lowering your site rank.


content-marketing-for-dentists-videoAnother way that you can do content marketing is not with articles or text but with video. Millions of people use sites such as YouTube each day to search for information about various medical procedures including dentistry. You could create some videos about how certain dental procedures are done or what clients can expect when in your dental office. You can then link these to your website or even provide videos on your website about some of your procedures.


Content marketing is basically getting your message out there to those that need it. In the case of your dental office you want to get your content out to potential clients that are going to be coming into your office to have dental work done. There are several ways you can do content marketing you just have to find the best method to suit the needs of your business.

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